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26 August 2016

Geraldine Sharpe-Newton, President of the Media Society, reflects on how important it is for musicians to truly connect with their creative senses in today's saturated industry.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” – Pablo Picasso

I think about voice a lot. Always wondering where is it hiding? Is it acceptable? Am I writing, creating in my own ‘real’ voice?

Am I accepting that voice? What is truly real?

All those thoughts stop action.  Prevents me composing, writing, singing, creating. I’m in a box that’s taped shut.

How do I break out? Well, Hemingway says, “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” Now that is a killer thought but if you keep writing. If you truly push beyond that box, by being curious, seeing, feeling, being bold and finally putting one word in front of another, a true sentence will emerge. I know, I’ve done it. The feeling is good.

Being ‘a creative’ is not easy.  The very word stems from a Latin root for ‘make’ and that requires the uneasy, but perfect conjunction of intelligence and understanding.  You have to believe totally in yourself; that’s crucial for there are so many dead ends and obstacles.

Be willing to take chances, to fail, to get up and try again.  No, is not an option.  You will face frustrations, but you have that need, that itch that says, okay let me try it again, another way.

You must keep trying, keep on ‘doing’. Being creative means that you inhabit a special moment.  You are exploring different wiring, and at that moment, you see things that others don’t, and your thoughts will take different turns.   

Photographers know that rainy days create soft light.  Artists use images, materials, shapes, and colours.  Composers and musicians explore sound and emotion.  All can be playful and destructive, but all are there for us to experience. 

Right across the creative world, everything has had a ‘before’. In spite of this, creators always try to present the ‘new’, a different interpretation, a fresh look, and a different poetic form. Creating the new, for all of us, means that we are searching for a truth.

From words to the chisel we are also making a statement, trying to give life to a thought.  Perhaps something we see in ourselves, we offer to our audience.

For a moment, remember when you heard a choir where the voices appeared to meld so perfectly and are so pure that all is forgotten except the glorious sound. 

The act of creation is a fundamental, a reason for existing. It is our breath of life!

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About the Author

Geraldine Sharpe-Newton is one of the globe’s leading broadcasting personalities, having worked as a journalist, TV producer and PR executive for leading brands including CBS news, ITN, CNN International, The Economist and WWF. She is currently longtime President of the Media Society.

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