Work with us

We are delighted to be working alongside industry leaders in providing world class projects for musicians and creative minds around the globe.

Why do we exist?

We recognised that the market was crying out for a marketing agency that could passionately nurture the relationship between business and artistry, and educate musicians to be more aware of the fast-growing digital culture, particularly with the rise of social media and interactive digital content.

Since the inception of Nouvague in 2014, we have been working hard to bring together cutting edge industry brands within the marketing world, who all share our passion for supporting music-making all over the world.

What kind of people do we work with?

We pride ourselves on being malleable and personable, and are always excited to hear from anyone in music, big or small. We love working with ambitious, creative and innovative musical minds across a range of organisations and personalities, from record labels, concert orchestras and recording studios to independent artists, music education charities, amateur choirs and freelance artists and songwriters.

What can we do for you?

Drawing on experience from leaders in developing creative and establishing reach, Nouvague offers a range of services, from creating artistic strategy and brand partnerships to audience development, multi-platform digital campaigns, e-marketing and product development. You can find about all the services we offer here.

How can I get in touch?

If you'd like to find out more about what we do, or if you have a project that you think we'd be interested in working on, please click the link on the right hand side to get in touch with us.